Now more than ever, many style-conscious women (and men) are taking their beauty regimes into their own hands, whether that means at-home hair color or finding ways to keep their locks looking their best in-between salon services. ApHogee Serious Care & Protection has a wide variety of treatments and hair care products designed leave your hair looking magnificent, healthy and stronger than ever!

Do you love your drugstore box color?  Well, before coloring your hair, make sure to give it a deep cleanse with Shampoo for Damaged HairThis luxurious shampoo helps keeps color vibrant while also repairing and revitalizing damaged hair. Once hair is thoroughly rinsed and towel dried, ApHogee’s transformative Two-Step Protein Treatment can be applied. Not only does this treatment drastically reduce breakage, but it also delivers 30% less color fade after 10 shampoos!

In order for the Two-Step Protein Treatment to fully work its magic, it must be saturated throughout the hair and combed through to ensure even distribution. Follow directions and once fully hardened, re-wet and gently rinse thoroughly with warm water then towel dry.

Follow by infusing pure moisture into your hair with Balancing Moisturizer . This product is a must after the Two-Step Protein Treatment to help with strength and elasticity! Just massage gently into wet hair and scalp, wait for two minutes, rinse then dry and finish off your haircare routine. We recommend Gloss Therapy Polisher Spray. This spray provides long lasting, healthy-looking brilliant shine to ensure radiating color in your hair!

With the help of ApHogee products, box dye and at-home maintenance treatments no longer needs to be something that you fear but something that you embrace!