Braids may be a leading factor in why you are experiencing breakage, but they can also be a protective hairstyle that keeps your hair neat and on-trend. As braiding can cause hair to break away from their roots if it is pulled back too tight, it can also cause splitting of the ends, hair weakness, and follicle damage. Fortunately, ApHogee Hair Care line has products to nourish and protect the hair when you choose to style with braids during this festival season!

There are many protective hairstyles, but what we recommend are box braids! Box braids are the safest braid because they are safe to get wet and can last up to 6 weeks with proper care! Add jewels and beads to the strands to personalize your look and create that Coachella vibe!

Hair breakage can be caused both during and after the braiding, which means that it is not being properly moisturized.  Shea Pro Leave-in Moisturizer  is a rich, luxurious cream that imparts healing moisture to leave even the driest hair soft, manageable, and protected all day long. It works to repair and restore coarse, dry, porous, frizzy, or brittle hair while helping hair grow longer with Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vegetable Protein, and Botanical oils. We recommend for the best results; section the hair, and with a generous amount, rub the leave-in moisturizer from root to end. Once it’s completed throughout the head, the braiding process can begin.

Once the festival is over and it is time to remove your braids, proper care should still be followed as the tugging and pulling can result in MAJOR breakage during this process. To begin safely removing the braids, you will wet the braid while rubbing Balancing Moisturizer  into each braid. This Balancing Moisturizer is a rich conditioner filled with ApHogee’s exclusive Pro-Phytamine complex, including

collagen amino acids, emollients, vitamins, and herbal extracts.

Once detangled, you must remove the dirt and oil in the hair, and Keratin & Green Tea Shampoo can help! The Keratin & Green Tea Shampoo is formulated with keratin amino acids and green tea antioxidants to maintain a healthy condition of fine, dull, or color-treated hair. The scalp and hair will be fragile, but our sulfate-free formula will thoroughly and gently cleanse them. The Green Tea Extract and our exclusive PropHytamine Complex leave hair feeling strong, healthy, and manageable. Safe for daily use.