When determining how to best correct hair damage, there are many questions that tend to come up. These questions reflect some confusion regarding which remedy is most effective for different hair problems or different hair types/textures.

The first step towards healthier hair is to identify the type of damage you are dealing with (for example, surface level at the cuticle, dryness from lack of water retention, or breakage). Knowing that will help guide your choice of the best products to use.

ApHogee Hair Care walks us through the best products for different  hair repair needs and why…

The hair shaft, whose outer layer is called the cuticle, consists largely of keratin protein. The cuticle is responsible for the hair’s smoothness, shine and can effect the appearance of your hair color. The cortex is in the middle of the hair shaft and is the thickest hair layer, responsible for determining the strength and elasticity of the hair.

Cleansing, heat styling, chemical processes like hair color, and the environment (SUV rays) can damage the cuticle layer, which may then lead to cortex damage and hair breakage.

So we know why/how hair gets damanged. Now what do we use?

It’s simple: Oils lubricate and shine; Moisturizers elastisize and condition hair strands and Protein helps repair structural damage.

Keeping the cuticle layer smooth and intact is the goal and the key to protecting hair from further damage. Here are some tips on how to do just that!

  1. Reduce The Effect of Cuticle Damage – use oils or products with a bit of silicone to reduce pulling friction when styling. These also temporarily smooth a roughened cuticle, which makes it reflect light and transmit color better. ApHogee’s Gloss Therapy Polisher Spray is a perfect styling aid oil that will help mend split ends while proving brilliant shine to all hair types.
  1. Add Moisturizers to Attract and Retain Water Molecules – The right moisturizer is important because for hair to be at its most elastic and strongest, it should contain 5-6% water by weight. Hair with less than that loses elasticity and suppleness, and will react when exposed to outside humidity. Recommended for use before styling is ApHogee’s ProVitamin Leave-in Conditioner as it seals the cuticle to detangle, smoothe and protect hair color.
  1. Serious Breakage Problems – Our longest lasting treatment is ApHogee’s Two-Step Protein Treatment, where the protein alone is applied to the hair first, for maximum bonding. Then the softness and shine from the moisturizers and oils from ApHogee’s Balancing Moisturizer  are added in a second step. It’s a little more work, but with this type of treatment results may last up to six weeks, as opposed to only a few shampoos.

One repair regemin is in place we then need to maintain healthy hair.  Oil and moisture-rich products and those with some protein can be added in to your regimen daily, while intensive protein treatment is usually required less frequently, on a 4-6 week basis.

So define the damage, seek the solution and maintain your healthy results! It’s that simple!