Men bleaching their curly locks has become an increasingly popular trend. While hopping on the platinum-blonde bandwagon may seem like a great idea at first, one must consider the consistent maintenance required to preserve bleached hair health. ApHogee’s haircare takes a serious approach in protecting curl-elasticity and repairing damage regardless of the latest hair trends.

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Bleaching commonly leaves hair dry and prone to breakage. ApHogee’s Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer  can help! The Restructurizer’s strengthening keratin protein and antioxidant-rich green tea come together to add body and reduce damage to hair. This leave-in product’s active ingredients are bonded into the hair shaft upon heat application for stronger, more luscious hair.

ApHogee’s Shampoo for Damaged Hair is formulated with proteins, emollients and vitamins to restore sheen and pliability to hair damaged by chemicals or heat. It is an everyday color-safe shampoo for damage-prone hair — perfect for men looking to restore their bleached curls. This rich shampoo provides a gentle clean to avoid harming any color, perm or relaxer services.

If there is anything that can bring life back to bleached or colored curls, it is ApHogee’s renowned Two-Step Protein Treatment and Balancing Moisturizer. These two products may be purchased together in an economical, single-application duo packette ($3.99). The Two-Step Protein Treatment contains magnesium and modified proteins, which are fused into the hair upon heat application. This process results in visibly healthier hair and reduced breakage for four to six weeks.

The Balancing Moisturizer is step two of the Two-Step Protein Treatment process. It contains ApHogee’s exclusive Pro-Phytaminecomplex — a blend of collagen amino acids, emollients, vitamin derivatives and herbal extracts. The Balancing Moisturizer may be used as a regimen for processed hair or extreme dryness, which is especially common among men’s bleached curls.