Jane Carter is a name many in the salon and consumer beauty industry, have come to know and respect over the past 25 years.  She is a renowned stylist/colorist with a legion of followers, former salon owner and founder of a namesake brand (which she sold a few years ago).  Jane’s years of hands-on experience have made her a sought-after and respected hair expert so in these COVID-19 times, we reached out to her and asked what tips she would like to share and what curly, wavy, textured haired women should know and do while quarantined.

“First and foremost, we are all going through this human experience together. Yes, it is stressful and there are many uncertainties. However, please remember that during this time, you need to take the time to practice self-care and self-love every day and try and keep stress to a minimum. How you do this can take many forms but now is the perfect time for some extra TLC for your hair. I have been a fan of Aphogee Hair Care from the time I owned by own salon and want to share some tips and new ways to use some of their transformative products while at home,” commented Jane.

Let’s first look at some of the issues facing your stay-at-home hair right now:

  • Your hair color is most likely growing out which means you have drier ends, re-growth (roots) that not only look different, but may have a different feel or texture versus your color-treated hair.
  • Your hair may be drier due to being inside more in heating.
  • Your normal hair care routine may have shifted because you are not going to work, or to social activities at the moment and has taken its toll on your strands.
  • You may not be washing or conditioning your hair as much as you should be.
Here are some things you can do to ensure your hair remains healthy and looking beautiful. Remember, you have the time NOW to pamper yourself and look/feel your best. Take advantage of that!
  1. Exfoliate your scalp

You face and body are not the only areas that need exfoliating. Your scalp does too!  Exfoliating your scalp helps promote circulation and blood flow, eliminates all the dirt, sebum and dead skin cells that build up and block pores and can cause dandruff, plus it invigorates your hair and allows for healthier hair growth. Exfoliating is one of the best, and most needed, things you can do! You don’t need to go out and buy expensive exfoliants and special tools. Try the following for amazing results:

  1. Mix 1-part Aphogee Shea-Pro Leave-In Moisturizer (12 oz/MSRP $8.99) with 1 equal part sugar (yes, normal sugar found in your kitchen) in a bowl.
  2. Wet your scalp thoroughly.
  3. Take a small amount of the mixture and start massaging this onto your scalp (don’t worry about your hair – focus on the scalp). Make sure you work this in and massage well (at least 20-30 seconds in each area). Do this until you have massaged your entire scalp with the mixture.
  4. Leave this on your scalp for as long as you’d like (at least 10-15 minutes but longer is fine!)
  5. Then shampoo and condition your hair as your normally would.
2. Deep Condition

Again, you have the time and you are confined. It’s the perfect time for a mega-deep conditioning.

Wash hair with your favorite shampoo like Aphogee’s Deep Moisture Shampoo (16 oz./MSRP $7.99) then apply Curlific! Texture Treatment (8 oz/MSRP $8.99) moisturizer or other Aphogee favorite. Put a plastic cap on if possible and TAKE YOUR TIME! Leave it on as long as you want – even an hour or two. Your hair will thank you! Rinse and style!

3. Twist & Protect

For our double-twisted sisters, you need to pay attention to moisturize and smooth the cuticle. No one wants to see a frizzy mess. It’s essential you use a water-based, non-alcohol product like Aphogee Style and Wrap Mousse (8.5 oz./MSRP $7.99) on your damp hair before you twist! This no-flake formula adds hold and protects the hair, while adding moisture and shine that you need for a frizz-free look.

4. Treat Yourself

I am a huge advocate of regular treatments (at-home or in-salon) to keep hair looking its best. The positive difference on your hair is visible right away. Trust me and treat your hair to Aphogee’s Two-Step Treatment (duo packette/SMRP $3.99) that delivers essential proteins, amino acids, moisturizers and vitamins that bonds to your hair with heat.  This treatment transforms, strengthens and repairs hair and reduces breakage for 4-6 weeks! I used this treatment regularly on my salon clients, as well as recommend it as a take-home treatment to my clients. It’s a game-changer in the world of treatments.

Please remember be safe. Be healthy. Stay strong (I know you are!). Be kind to yourself and practice self-care. We are with you now and in the future! 

– Jane Carter