It’s the beginning of 2022 and all the newest hair trends are already in full effect. Silky, shiny and smoother hair is what the current buzz is about as everyone is trying to achieve a super straight look dubbed “glass hair” or “liquid hair” over natural, more volumous styles. Kim Kardashian, Jourdan Dunne or Olivia Culpo are all devotees of this look right now. To achieve this sleeker look, more heat from hot tools or smoothing treatments are needed.

Before applying heat or a relaxer/smoothing service to damaged hair use ApHogee’s Two-Step Treatment/ Balancing Moisturizer Duo Packette as it will help stop breakage and help repair any preexisting damage. This process helps strengthen the hair with protein in step one, and then seals in moisture, which is essential for the strength and elasticity of healthy hair, in step two.

If the hair does not need a pre-treatment, we recommend Aphogee’s Deep Moisture Shampoo prior to straightening as a great way to help retain moisture, protein and smoothing agents to improve shine and softness that last all day long.

Once the hair is ready to take on a smoother style and before the use of heat, apply ApHogee’s ProVitamin Leave-In Conditioner as it smoothes hair and increases manageability. This leave-in product also helps and enhances all hair types, even colored hair, and protects it against thermal damage.

Finish your straighter styles with ApHogee’s Gloss Therapy Polisher Spray. This adds mega shine to hair while it works to smooth hair and mend split ends, while also shielding hair against UV damage. This is your go-to product to get rid of unwanted frizz that can come along with smoother styles, especially in warmer climates!.