New Year, New Hair! 8 Resolutions for Healthier Hair in 2018

With 2017 over and done it’s the perfect time to make some hair care resolutions. Healthier hair is not going to happen overnight, you have to commit to some healthy habits first.


1. Skip some washes

ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea ShampooDid you know washing your hair less frequently can benefit your hair? Over-shampooing can strip the hair of natural oils that help to retain moisture and dry out the scalp (sometimes even causing dandruff.) For color-treated or processed hair, washing your hair too often can leave it dry and brittle leaving it prone to damage.  When you do wash your hair, opt for a gentle shampoo like the Keratin & Green Tea Shampoo which cleanses the hair thoroughly without stripping it of its natural protective oils.

2. Invest in a silk pillowcase 

Silk is one of the strongest and durable materials that draws less moisture and causes less friction than cotton. It’s excellent for coarse and curly hair (and even your skin!) Try swapping out your old cotton pillowcase for one made out of silk for reducing hair frizz and maximizing on moisture retention.

3. Embrace your natural hair texture

The dry weather combined with heat from styling tools such as flat irons and curlers can lead to frizz and breakage. If you can try to air dry your hair naturally and avoid using heat as much as possible.

4. Damage control

ApHogee leave in conditioner

When you do you use heat on your hair, make sure that you’re using a good heat protectant beforehand to save your hair from further damage. Luckily ApHogee offers 3 leave-in conditioners which are all heat protectants. Apply the Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer before ironing or curling hair – the leave-in activates with heat and helps to strengthen the hair with keratin while repairing split ends. The Pro-Vitamin Leave-In conditioner and the Curlific! Moisture-Rich Leave in is excellent for smoothing out and detangling textured hair. Never curl or straighten your hair without using a heat protectant first!

5. Schedule regular trims

Yes, we all know that cutting your hair beautiful long tresses can be an emotional experience but in the long run your hair will benefit from them! Not only only will it look better but it’ll prevent breakage and keep hair looking long and healthy.  Schedule a visit to the salon at least every 6-8 weeks to ensure minimal split ends and breakage.

6. Take your vitamins

ApHogee Nutritional Supplements for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair starts with a healthy body. In addition to having a healthier diet, taking supplements such as iron, biotin and vitamins can help replenish those nutritional deficiencies that may be lacking in your diet. When we lack essential nutrients, hair growth may slow and thinning can occur. Eat a diet rich in healthy hair foods and take a complete vitamin such as the Nutritional Supplements for Healthy Hair which contains 12 vitamins, minerals and 8 additional extracts for healthier hair, nails and skin.

7. Moisturize and don’t skip your protein treatments

Do your hair some good and give your locks a nourishing Two Step Protein Treatment every 4-6 weeks. This is especially important for hair that’s been dehydrated from heat styling and chemical coloring. Remember that it is important to maintain that protein-moisture balance (especially during the drier winter months) so follow up with a good deep conditioner such as the 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor or the Curlific Texture Treatment weekly. If your hair is slightly damaged, you can opt for the Hair Strengthening Kit which is a lighter protein treatment you can use every 2 weeks.

8. Change up your look!

It’s the year to be bolder than ever! If you’ve been dying to try a new hair color or a chop don’t be too scared to act on it and truly make it happen! You’ll be braver this year and you will do what you feel is right. You go girl!

Make this year extra amazing by following these simple tips for making your mane sparkle and shine all year long.

What are some of your beauty resolutions for 2018?