Not only do braids look fabulous and are majorly on trend, but they are also relatively “good” for your hair, allowing for hair to have a break from the styling that comes with having natural hair. However, just like natural hair, those with braids can experience some wear and tear so remember is still imperative to maintain them properly!

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To help keeping braids looking and feeling their best, we recommend two key ApHogee products that everyone with braids should have on hand:

Gloss Therapy Polisher Spray– This lightweight spray provides long lasting, healthy-looking, beautifully brilliant shine to even the most damaged hair. This amazing polish will smooth the hair surface and mend any split ends, while also shielding hair against UV damage. It stops frizzy hair in its tracks! This polish works on all hair types and particularly great on braids!

Style & Wrap Mousse  Your braids may be fabulous but they are also still hair. You may notice some frizziness or fraying from friction of your bedding or puffy roots when new growth occurs. Something that can significantly reduce both is tying your hair down at night. The Style & Wrap Mousse is an easy-to-apply foam that adds incredible shine and body when used for heat styling, wrapping or setting your hair. Non-sticky, no flake formula provides extra -long lasting hold and ApHogee Pro-Phytamine complex provides protection against hair breakage. Alcohol free formula.