At the top of the trend list, 3D curls are taking over and it’s looking like they’re going to be huge this year! The 3D curl trend is a new way of styling your curls. This trend takes natural curls to the next level by enhancing the multidimensional attractiveness of your curls. The idea is to load your hair with a gel or mousse that will create added thickness and let it create a “cast” on your hair that you can massage out once your hair has dried. It leaves the curls extra springy and adds more dimension. 3D curls take your natural styles to the next level of bounce and volume.

You need your hair to be moisturized for 3D curls, so using ApHogee Deep Moisture Shampoo is a perfect choice to wash your hair with. This shampoo is enriched with ingredients to retain moisture, improve manageability, and add shine. If you want your style to last longer and be filled with elasticity, this product is where to start! Your hair will be left with restored vibrancy and body.  

The 3D curls also need to be big and springy. A gel or mousse should be used to scrunch the hair and define the curls. ApHogee Style & Wrap Mousse can achieve long lasting shine and hold for your curls. The mousse is easy to apply, non-sticky, and has a no flake formula.  The Style & Wrap Mousse provides protection against heat and breakage. After massaging this product into your hair, let it sit so it can really work into your hair and once the hair dries you can massage the curls with your hands without brushing through them. 

The last step to attaining this on-trend look is to finish it off with a serum or spray that will not only lock in the look and all the needed moisture, but leave your hair looking extra shiny. Curlific! Hydrating Curl Serum is ApHogee’s finishing fluid that provides shine, hydration, and control. Using this product will allow you to achieve all day shine and controlled frizz. After you apply the serum, use a diffuser on a low speed to really lock everything in.