A child’s big, bouncy curls can make any parent’s heart melt. Taking proper care of those precious curls can help make hair look and feel even better. Whether it’s picture day, a dance recital, or their curls just needs a healthy, hydrating boost, ApHogee Hair Care offers kid-friendly products that are gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive scalps, but strong enough to help keep your little one’s head happy, healthy, and curly!


You may think that your shampoo is good enough for your little tike, but parents should be opting for a shampoo that will be safe and gentle enough for their smaller, more sensitive heads. ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Shampoo is made with a sulfate-free formula that cleanses the hair and the scalp gently. Green Tea extract and ApHogee’s exclusive PropHytamine Complex moisturize hair and soothe the scalp, keeping hair gorgeous, strong, and manageable. Formulated with strengthening amino acids and green tea antioxidants, this shampoo is recommended for maintaining the healthy condition of delicate hair types, including fine strands, and is safe for daily use.


Brushing out tangles and blow-drying are just a couple ways your child’s hair can get damaged, and curly kids can be even more susceptible to hair breakage.

ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer  is an amazing leave-in spray that combines the strengthening properties of keratin protein with the antioxidant benefits of green teas to reduce breakage and split ends. The active ingredients bond into the hair shaft with natural body heat or heat from styling tools, and it works as a heat protectant, so you can style your child’s hair worry-free.


Your child’s curls are with them through all their adventures. Taking proper care of their hair is important to maintain ultimate strength, hydration, and bounce wherever they go.


Frizzy, dry hair can put a damper on even the most beautiful hairstyle. Heat styling, over washing, and chemical processes can all contribute to damaged hair, but using the right products help bring moisture, manageability and shine back to lifeless hair. Curly, straight, colored, or anything in between, sometimes needs more than just a traditional shampoo and conditioner. Leave-in products help retain moisture, keeping hair soft, frizz-free, and easier to style.


Shea Pro Leave-in Moisturizer is a rich, luxurious cream with healing properties for even the driest hair, leaving it soft, manageable, and protected longer. Hair feeling coarse? Shea Pro Leave-in Moisturizer mends and restores dry, porous, frizzy, or brittle hair for straight, wavy, curly, or coiled locks. It also protects hair against heat styling damage so you can curl, straighten, or blow-dry hair without the fear. Hair breakage can limit its growth, but the Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vegetable Protein, and Botanical Oil help you achieve longer, healthier hair.


Curly hair can have a tendency to become drier and frizzier, but Curlific! Moisture Rich Leave-in is perfect for even the toughest types of textured hair. You no longer have to worry about brushing through tangles as this amazing Curlific! product detangles the snarls on any head. It is also perfect to use before styling touch-ups for added, essential moisture. It can be used on damp or dry hair and offers thermal protection prior to using hot tools.


Making hair color last longer can be a challenge, especially after multiple washes, but ProVitamin Leave-in Conditioner enhances hair color and highlights thanks to its balanced pH. It also seals the cuticle which helps detangle curly strands while also protecting against thermal damage. Use it before heat styling tools or blow drying to protect and condition hair and make styling more manageable. This deep penetrating, leave-in conditioner enriches hair using ApHogee’s exclusive Pro-Phytamine complex.


Help strengthen and control any type of dry, frizzy, coarse hair with these leave-in conditioners.


August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month, and the issue will be front and center at salons and spas all over the country. According to the American Hair Loss Association, hair loss isn’t just an issue that affects men. It’s estimated that 40 percent of women also experience some type of hair loss by the age of 50.

Black women are particularly susceptible to female pattern hair loss, partly because of genetics but also because of chemical processes and excessive heat from thermal styling tools that can damage hair. Over time, tight braids, weaves, cornrows and dreadlocks that tug at the hair follicles can also lead to irreversible hair loss without proper care. The condition is called traction alopecia, and it’s becoming a real problem for African-American women.

Fortunately, there are products on the market that address the problem. ApHogee has a complete line of products designed to stop breakage, repair damage and strengthen hair. Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer  is the ultimate one-step strengthening treatment, combining the strengthening properties of protein with the antioxidant benefits of green tea. The heat from thermal styling tools or even your own body’s natural heat helps active ingredients bond with the hair shaft, reducing breakage and adding body to limp, lifeless hair. It’s the perfect at-home treatment for permed or relaxed hair, while the alcohol-free formula protects hair color.


Stress, certain medications, hormonal changes, chronic illness and a diet deficient in zinc, iron and biotin can also cause hair loss, and that’s where Nutritional Supplement for Healthy Hair comes in. Fortified with 100 percent of the minimum daily requirement of vitamins E, B1, B2, B6, B12, as well as other minerals and extracts that have been shown to be necessary for healthy hair growth, just one pill a day can strengthen stressed locks.

Pro Vitamin Leave-in Conditioner  is infused with Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B5 that penetrates the cortex to strengthen each strand and increase suppleness and flexibility. Essential for use with thermal styling tools, it seals the cuticle to detangle and enhance color and highlights.

Nothing stops breakage and repairs damaged hair like ApHogee. For us, it’s all about the appropriate ratios and types of proteins and amino acids, emollients and humectants that restore hair even when it’s been exposed to very demanding styling and processing regimens.


Summer is here, and it’s time for pool parties, beach trips, and highlights, babylights or fun hair colors. As much as we all love this season, it can take a significant toll on your hair. Chlorine, saltwater, hair color, exposure to heat tools like blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons, and even over washing, can all affect the level of hair damage. Severly dry and damaged hair can appear frizzy, lifeless, dull and brittle, even after conditioning. Let’s not forget to mention that addition of visible split ends. If left untreated, your hair will only get worse over time. 

Fact: To help strengthen severely damaged hair, you need to start with a protein treatment. Your hair strands are made up of about 90% of protein, which helps give your hair shape and structure. When damaged, you may find your hair looking and feeling weaker, dry and lifeless.

ApHogee Hair Strengthening Kit is an easy-to-use, two-part system that is incredibly effective on all hair types and textures, even the most damaged hair.  

The first step is the ApHogee Strengthening Treatment, designed to influse needed proteins and amino acids to hair to repair and strengthen compromised strands. The second step is the ApHogee Protective Moisturizer that softens and conditions your hair, while restoring shine and elasticity.  

The wonderful news is that the ApHogee Hair Strengthening Kit works in minutes and lasts through multiple washes. Each kit contains about three applications. With the ApHogee Hair Strengthening Kit you can not only restore your hair but help stop future hair breakage for weeks, so you can get back in the salon for your favorite chemical service!

Beautiful hair doesn’t have to come with a sacrifice this summer. You can still enjoy the sun, pool and outdoor activities, and wear your favorite hair styles and hair color all while maintaining a healthy, reflective, beautiful head of hair. Say goodbye to damages hair with ApHogee Hair Strengthening Kit and feel confident again.


ApHogee hair care has been a go-to for renowned celebrity stylist Suzette Boozer for a very long time. Recently Boozer worked with Natasha Ward, a noted actress, vocalist and one of the most noted fitness model. Boozer shared, “Natasha’s hair journey has been incredible. In her profession, healthy and beautiful hair is key. So, for the summer, I did “little dusting” on her hair then created “wash-n-go” look that keeps her looking on-trend and fresh throughout the season. It’s perfect for very textured hair, which I adore.”

Suzette Boozer’s Wash-n-Go Step-by-Step:



  1. Natasha hair was previously straightened, so before I shampooed her hair, I will give “less than a trim.” It’s called “dusting” – just enough to maintain healthy hair and ends.
  2. Next, we cleansed the hair with Deep Moisture Shampoo. I recommend 2 complete rounds of massaging and lather hair and scalp.
  3. Completely rinse out shampoo and apply the Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor . As the name implies, leave on hair for 2 minutes or more. It helps detangle and de-frizz hair strands for smooth finish.
  4. Rinse out the Reconstructor completely but leave hair still wet/drenched. Then apply and “scrunch” in Curlific! Hydrating Curl Serum throughout the hair.
  5. Next, add a generous amount of Curlific! Curl Definer to hair. I love to cocktail the serum and defining cream! Results are amazing.
  6. SQUEEZE and SCRUNCH hair with this product combination, making sure hair evenly saturated. Shake curls side to side, up and down and watch curls coil!

Here are a few drying techniques:

  • natural air dry (on the go)
  • hooded dryers (any temperature)
  • diffuser attachment for blow dryers (speed up the process)

“You will notice curls are shiny, healthy and extremely defined if untouched and completely dry. It’s simple and gorgeous.”


TIP: Before or after styling, just add a little Gloss Therapy Polish Spray for extra shine and definition.


“ENJOY…..soft, shiny, bouncy curls! TELL EM’ I TOLD YA!” added Suzette.


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity to honor and pamper our mom, grandmother, or special women in our lives. ApHogee Hair Care is dedicated to providing women with some special “me time” and healthy hair. What better way to express your love than by pampering some remarkable women in your life!

The Hair Strengthening Kit is an easy-to-use protein treatment that delivers immediate benefits. Not only does it help stop hair breakage for weeks, but it also prepares hair for any chemical service, like hair color or smoothing treatments. This two-part system strengthens with protein then softens with moisturizers and emollients. This means your favorite ladies will have gorgeous healthy hair for Mother’s Day and beyond! It’s effective on even the most damaged hair, works in minutes, and lasts through multiple shampoos!

To begin, apply a small amount of product to your palm and work throughout towel-dried hair. Cover with a plastic cap for best results. NO HAIRDRYER REQUIRED. Leave on for five minutes (ten minutes for thick or coarse hair). As the product dries and thickens, it will bond into areas of damage. Rinse the excess product thoroughly with warm water. Follow up with Step Two: Apply evenly to hair, allowing moisturizers, vitamins, and botanical extracts to penetrate. Leave on for one minute, then rinse thoroughly with warm, then cool water.

Another amazing options is Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer ! With its strengthening properties of keratin protein and antioxidant benefits of green tea, this leave-in product reduces breakage and split ends while adding body to limp, lifeless hair. This product is especially recommended for at-home care of relaxed or permed hair and may be used between shampoos for touch-up styling. Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer bonds into the hair shaft with natural body heat or by your styling tools. It also protects hair color!

Finish by styling with our Style & Wrap Mousse. Our style mousse will not only deliver amazing shine and control, but it also adds body! Used for heat styling, wrapping or setting hair. The non-sticky, no-flake formula provides extra long-lasting hold, while the pro-phytamine complex provides protection against heat damage and hair breakage, and it’s an alcohol-free formula!

Skip the traditional gifts in 2022. This Mother’s Day give the special women in your life a gift they will love!


Braids may be a leading factor in why you are experiencing breakage, but they can also be a protective hairstyle that keeps your hair neat and on-trend. As braiding can cause hair to break away from their roots if it is pulled back too tight, it can also cause splitting of the ends, hair weakness, and follicle damage. Fortunately, ApHogee Hair Care line has products to nourish and protect the hair when you choose to style with braids during this festival season!

There are many protective hairstyles, but what we recommend are box braids! Box braids are the safest braid because they are safe to get wet and can last up to 6 weeks with proper care! Add jewels and beads to the strands to personalize your look and create that Coachella vibe!

Hair breakage can be caused both during and after the braiding, which means that it is not being properly moisturized.  Shea Pro Leave-in Moisturizer  is a rich, luxurious cream that imparts healing moisture to leave even the driest hair soft, manageable, and protected all day long. It works to repair and restore coarse, dry, porous, frizzy, or brittle hair while helping hair grow longer with Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vegetable Protein, and Botanical oils. We recommend for the best results; section the hair, and with a generous amount, rub the leave-in moisturizer from root to end. Once it’s completed throughout the head, the braiding process can begin.

Once the festival is over and it is time to remove your braids, proper care should still be followed as the tugging and pulling can result in MAJOR breakage during this process. To begin safely removing the braids, you will wet the braid while rubbing Balancing Moisturizer  into each braid. This Balancing Moisturizer is a rich conditioner filled with ApHogee’s exclusive Pro-Phytamine complex, including

collagen amino acids, emollients, vitamins, and herbal extracts.

Once detangled, you must remove the dirt and oil in the hair, and Keratin & Green Tea Shampoo can help! The Keratin & Green Tea Shampoo is formulated with keratin amino acids and green tea antioxidants to maintain a healthy condition of fine, dull, or color-treated hair. The scalp and hair will be fragile, but our sulfate-free formula will thoroughly and gently cleanse them. The Green Tea Extract and our exclusive PropHytamine Complex leave hair feeling strong, healthy, and manageable. Safe for daily use.


At the top of the trend list, 3D curls are taking over and it’s looking like they’re going to be huge this year! The 3D curl trend is a new way of styling your curls. This trend takes natural curls to the next level by enhancing the multidimensional attractiveness of your curls. The idea is to load your hair with a gel or mousse that will create added thickness and let it create a “cast” on your hair that you can massage out once your hair has dried. It leaves the curls extra springy and adds more dimension. 3D curls take your natural styles to the next level of bounce and volume.

You need your hair to be moisturized for 3D curls, so using ApHogee Deep Moisture Shampoo is a perfect choice to wash your hair with. This shampoo is enriched with ingredients to retain moisture, improve manageability, and add shine. If you want your style to last longer and be filled with elasticity, this product is where to start! Your hair will be left with restored vibrancy and body.  

The 3D curls also need to be big and springy. A gel or mousse should be used to scrunch the hair and define the curls. ApHogee Style & Wrap Mousse can achieve long lasting shine and hold for your curls. The mousse is easy to apply, non-sticky, and has a no flake formula.  The Style & Wrap Mousse provides protection against heat and breakage. After massaging this product into your hair, let it sit so it can really work into your hair and once the hair dries you can massage the curls with your hands without brushing through them. 

The last step to attaining this on-trend look is to finish it off with a serum or spray that will not only lock in the look and all the needed moisture, but leave your hair looking extra shiny. Curlific! Hydrating Curl Serum is ApHogee’s finishing fluid that provides shine, hydration, and control. Using this product will allow you to achieve all day shine and controlled frizz. After you apply the serum, use a diffuser on a low speed to really lock everything in.


It’s the beginning of 2022 and all the newest hair trends are already in full effect. Silky, shiny and smoother hair is what the current buzz is about as everyone is trying to achieve a super straight look dubbed “glass hair” or “liquid hair” over natural, more volumous styles. Kim Kardashian, Jourdan Dunne or Olivia Culpo are all devotees of this look right now. To achieve this sleeker look, more heat from hot tools or smoothing treatments are needed.

Before applying heat or a relaxer/smoothing service to damaged hair use ApHogee’s Two-Step Treatment/ Balancing Moisturizer Duo Packette as it will help stop breakage and help repair any preexisting damage. This process helps strengthen the hair with protein in step one, and then seals in moisture, which is essential for the strength and elasticity of healthy hair, in step two.

If the hair does not need a pre-treatment, we recommend Aphogee’s Deep Moisture Shampoo prior to straightening as a great way to help retain moisture, protein and smoothing agents to improve shine and softness that last all day long.

Once the hair is ready to take on a smoother style and before the use of heat, apply ApHogee’s ProVitamin Leave-In Conditioner as it smoothes hair and increases manageability. This leave-in product also helps and enhances all hair types, even colored hair, and protects it against thermal damage.

Finish your straighter styles with ApHogee’s Gloss Therapy Polisher Spray. This adds mega shine to hair while it works to smooth hair and mend split ends, while also shielding hair against UV damage. This is your go-to product to get rid of unwanted frizz that can come along with smoother styles, especially in warmer climates!.


Deciding which shampoo is right for you can be overwhelming. Walk into any retail store and you’ll see entire aisles devoted to the category. With no shortage of products available, how do you determine which shampoo is best for you? ApHogee Hair Care is here to help you decide which shampoo is best for your specific hair type!

Let’s start with the basics. Every shampoo contains a cleansing agent that rids the scalp of oil, dirt, sebum buildup and odor. The lather lifts away impurities from the scalp as the water washes them away. So if all shampoos are designed to clean the hair, why do we need formulas that help reverse damage, combat dryness or add volume and shine?

The answer is simple: just like no man (nor woman) is created equal, neither is shampoo. Hair type, texture and condition should all be taken into consideration when choosing the proper formulation. Keep reading for some more clarification.


1. Volume & Shine

Keratin & Green Tea Shampoo

If your hair is generally healthy, but you’d love a little more volume and shine, try ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Shampoo. Formulated with strengthening keratin amino acids and green tea antioxidants to maintain the health of fine hair types, this sulfate-free, color-safe formulation works wonders, adding body and control. It has a pH of 5.0-5.5, ensuring that cuticles remain closed, preventing moisture loss, taming frizz and reducing static.

2. Frizz & Humidity

If your hair tangles easily, frizzes in humidity and shows signs of minor breakage, try ApHogee Deep Moisture Shampoo . Rich in emollients and humectants, this is an ideal shampoo for dry hair. Smoothing agents help improve manageability, shine and softness while a light protein boost helps increase volume and manageability. Hairstyles last longer when hair is properly moisturized, and if you wear extensions, this is a perfect pick. The perfectly balanced pH level of 5.0-5.5 helps prevent moisture loss.

Deep Moisture Shampoo

3. Damage

Shampoo for Damaged Hair

If your hair is chemically treated and has noticeable breakage, high porosity, split ends, rough cuticles and issues retaining color, try ApHogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair. The rich, luxurious formulation contains a mild cleansing agent that is packed with conditioning ingredients to help restore sheen and pliability to hair damaged by chemicals and heat. Fortified with four key proteins to help maintain the damaged areas of weakened hair, chelators help remove harmful toxins. The pH level on this shampoo is slightly higher at 5.5-6.5, making this shampoo strong enough to adequately remove excess dirt and oil without further damaging the hair.