Nothing stops breakage and repairs damage like ApHogee

ApHogee is a serious approach to hair care. Healthy, beautiful hair requires structural integrity and the proper combination of strength, elasticity and smoothness. We’ve found that the appropriate ratios & types of proteins & amino acids, emollients and humectants can restore almost any hair and help maintain healthy hair through even very demanding styling & processing regimens.
ApHogee products are not tested on animals and are made in the U.S.A.

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ApHogee GIVEAWAY: Enter for a Chance To Win a Beauty Gift Card!

February 13th, 2017

Show your hair some love. We’re excited to be teaming up with Sally Beauty for this special #ValentinesDay giveaway to show our fans some love! One lovely winner will win a $100 Sally Beauty gift card to treat yourself (and your hair!)


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Ask ApHogee: Can Protein Treatments Cause Hair Breakage?

January 31st, 2017

MYTH: “Too much protein can cause your hair to become brittle and break”.

The misconception about excessive protein MAY stem from the fact that if you use ONLY the protein stage in a 2 step and don’t moisturize, or, if you do not rinse the excess protein off the outside of the hair shaft thoroughly, the hair can feel rough and brittle.

One of the most common misconceptions we get from our consumers regarding our 2 Step Protein Treatment is that frequent usage of protein on the hair is bad and that it can lead to more breakage. The simple fact is that hydrolyzed proteins have been a commonly used ingredient in many hair products for decades and the notion of “protein sensitivity” is a myth. Because of this popular misconception, hair protein treatments have received a bad rap and it’s time to clear the confusion.

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Is Your Hair Damaged?

January 23rd, 2017

Do you use heat-styling tools on the regular? Are you a hair chameleon who switches up your hair color every couple of months or find yourself always picking at your split ends?

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