How To Achieve Healthy Bleached Hair

Achieving healthy bleached hair can be a challenge but it is not impossible. Here are steps to get great looking bleached hair:

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Before your appointment:

1. DM or text your stylist to let her know what she’s working with and how light you would like to go. If you want to go from jet black hair to platinum blonde that is NOT going to happen in one appointment. You and your stylist can talk about a plan to reach your hair goals and looking like Khaleesi in no time!

2. Do a protein treatment a day or two BEFORE your hair appointment, this will help protect your hair from possible bleach damage and retain your new hair color. Try the at home Hair Strengthening Kit, it only takes 15-20 minutes to do.  (REMEMBER: you should be doing this before every color, bleach, or relaxing appointment.)

After your appointment:

3. MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE! Bleach tends   to strip hair from its natural oils, so it’s important to do deep conditioning treatments once a week to keep hair soft and hydrated. The Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor should be your go to! For intensive results, leave on for 30 minutes with a cap and warm towel on your head. Make sure to always rinse out product.

4. For everyday hydration, use the Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner. This also works as an excellent heat protectant. If you have thick/coarse hair, try the Shea-Pro Leave-In Moisturizer.