4 Tips to take care of your new Fall Color!

It’s that time of year again, FALL! And the time to change your hair color again, going back to the dark side? Lighter? Or adding a pop of color? Here are 4 tips to keep hair looking fabulous this Fall: DO A PROTEIN TREATMENT A day or two BEFORE your hair appointment, make sure to […]


Due to surgery that I had in 2013, my hair texture changed (along with a lot of fallout). Prior to surgery, my hair was a bit thicker & much healthier – despite all of the chemicals I used for colouring, perms, using a straightening iron every day, etc. After surgery, my hair was falling out, […]

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose between the Hair Strengthening Kit and the Two Step Treatment? What is the difference? The original ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment is one of the most powerful products available for repairing hair breakage. It takes some skill and time to apply and is best used with a hooded dryer. For hair […]


Nothing stops breakage and repairs damage like ApHogeeApHogee is a serious approach to hair care. Healthy, beautiful hair requires structural integrity and the proper combination of strength, elasticity and smoothness. We’ve found that the appropriate ratios & types of proteins & amino acids, emollients and humectants can restore almost any hair and help maintain healthy […]

4 Protein Treatments you should add into your Hair Care Regimen

Without a doubt, the winter is the perfect time to amp up your hair routine for maximum hair health and growth by early spring! Colder and windier months can be extremely drying and damaging so maintaining the strength of your hair is crucial. Color-treated hair is especially susceptible for damage and breakage. Using a protein treatment, along with frequent deep conditioning and sealing will help your hair stay shiny and strong during the holiday season. Here are few tips on which protein treatments to add to your routine:

ApHogee spotlight: How To & Best Protein Treatment for Naturals!


How To & Best Protein Treatment for Naturals! + Transformation Pics | ApHogee

From lifeless to healthy! Check out this video of  Daye La Soul’s hair transformation and the best protein treatments for naturals. (Stay tuned for the surprise hair tutorial at the end!)

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